CREW Productions LLC produces a number of podcasts expanding the platforms for artists and small business owners to have their voices heard. We provide clients with . the tools needed to record, secure, and distribute your podcast across multiple networks to maximize your reach. Our podcasts can be found on Apple, Google, TuneIn, Google Play, and Spotify.

Bless the Mic is an episodic Podcast produced by CREW Productions LLC, featuring performances and interviews from music artists. Each episode begins with a performance recorded live in studio (often it is a freestyle).

This podcast is hosted by CREW's own E.A. Smith.

Dr. Karen "Coach" Hall talks leadership in the workplace, your community, sports, and personal life. 


Dr. Hall is an expert in leadership and team development. Dr. Hall navigates three careers; education, communication, and athletics.

Hill Dance Academy Theatre talks with dancers, choreographers and supporters from around the wold to help listeners better understand the world of dance.

Concert dance vs Recreational dance, what it takes to be a dancer, how dance reaches beyond the stage and much more is covered and is told through the voices of professional dancers.