CREW Productions LLC was founded in 2009 with the purpose of using photography, film and audio as platforms to help promote, motivate, document and archive the community and arts in an affordable, quality, and professional manner. We are a small production company that will add large value to your project, program, or vision.


We have worked with organizations like: International Association of Blacks in Dance, National Association of Black Accountants Eastern Region, Kente Arts Alliance, Hill Dance Academy Theatre, and many more. We also work with individual artists and entrepreneurs. We want to work with you in making your vision one that everyone can see and enjoy.

CREW Productions LLC also has a creative wing where we create and produce our own works. We have produced a number of webseries, short films, podcasts, and commercials.

We have a full fledge production team that is ready to build the bridge between your dream and reality.

If you have a project in the works but have a few missing pieces, we are ready to help make a complete picture. We have produced live shows, short films and web series, as well as a number of events.

We all have stories to tell and there is always someone to listen. Our network of Podcasts tells the stories, lessons, and messages from everyday people. Find the Podcast that is right for you. If you do not hear one that fits you, let us help you create your own Podcast for the world to hear.

The best way to market is to let people know what you have done and plan to do. The best way to show it is to SHOW it. Let a picture be the thousand words you want to say. Our photographers are always ready to capture that moment that speaks for your organization

We are also ready to create that magic that leaves your audience in awe.

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